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Getting Social - Dragoland

Part of the excitement of travel is the anticipation of what’s to come but on a Dragoman trip there is the added expectation of meeting new friends in your group.

We set up Dragoland as a way for everyone who has booked a trip to connect with fellow overlanders on their, and other trips. Dragoland is a closed community group on Facebook which is administered by us here back at Dragoman HQ in Camp Green.

You have to be a past Dragoman passenger or someone who is booked and travelling with us in the future to be able to join the group. If you're a new passenger then we send you all of the details in your new booking confirmation, you just have to request to join the group and we'll do the rest.

Once you're a member of the community then we leave you to it, the group is self-moderating (we keep an eye on what's going on from a distance) but we encourage you to get to know you're fellow passengers and ask any questions you may have.

Of course if there are any urgent questions relating to your booking then we recommend you contact your sales consultant or agency directly.



Get the conversation started...

Here's a couple of examples of the types of interactions we've been seeing in the group...

"Hi again! Who's starting the trip in Banff - Anchorage next week? I have booked a dorm room at the YMCA Banff Hotel the evening before if anyone wanted to meet that evening and grab a drink. Looking forward to it! ?"

 - "Hi, I'm arriving on the 27th late. Booked 2 extra nights in Banff. I'll be there."


"Hi all, I'm totally new to overlanding, anyone got any tips? I'm booked onto the Zanzibar to Nairobi trip 28th Aug."

- "Take a deep breath and open your mind as much as you can. Remember that you are on a journey and not headed for a destination. Be ready to move to the edges of your comfort zone and to accept the circumstances as they present themselves. Everything may not happen as you wish it would, and you will find yourself upset and frustrated at times. But I guarantee you, you will grow as a human being. And your dinner stories will mesmerize and excite your friends."


"Anyone doing the family trip Windhoek to Vic falls starting 5th July?"

- "Hi, we are also doing this trip. Family of 4, two boys from Australia"


Join the group

Remember to keep an eye out for the details of how to request to join the group in your booking confirmation. Once the request comes through, we'll then double check you're booked onto a tour and then set you off to get to know your fellow travellers!

Rest assured, no spammers or unrelated people are permitted to join (we ensure that) so you can always be sure you are only chatting to fellow Dragoman overlanders.

Just one of the many ways we are developing and improving our service to you.

We look forward to welcoming you as our next Dragolander!