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On the road with Dutchie

Jeroen (Dutchie) has been on the road with us since October 2015, we asked a few probing questions about life on the road with Dragoman...



Why did you become Dragoman crew?

I had been travelling for a while and couldn't get used to being back home and someone told me this job would suit me. And it does!!

What’s your favourite destination and why?

Mongolia as I think it's still true overlanding there with lots of bush camps, river crossings, roads that you dont know where they go. I must say that Namibia is a close 2nd as the diversity in this country is amazing! From bush to desert and coastline, it's spectacular!  



What’s the best thing about working as Dragoman crew?

Meeting so many interesting passengers but also people in the places that you visit.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever eaten or drunk?

The local beer in Zimbabwe, which is called Fluid Chicken, as its rather nutritious but with an interesting flavour.

Funniest/best Dragoman moment?

Personally it was coming back to Zimbabwe and meeting the man who introduced me to Dragoman and to see him as crew this time. On the trip a memorable moment was being bogged for 22 hours in Mongolia. We had to set up camp there and the passengers loved it!

What’s the one must-have item in your backpack?

A pocket knife



Best piece of advice you can pass on to future passengers?

Be open minded to travelling and meeting new people

What's the one luxury item you take with you?

Proper headphones!

Where are you travelling to next?

Currently in Africa, then Europe and Australia before going back on the road for Dragoman in South America!


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