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Everyday Carry: Must-haves in your rucksack on a Dragoman trip

Depending on where you’re going and when, the clothes and equipment you need to pack will vary. You probably don’t want a down-jacket on African safari, and if you’re hiking in Alaska you might leave your flip-flops at home. But there are certain things that are must-haves no matter where you’re travelling to. Take a look at the following travel essentials for any overlanding tour.

Water-to-Go bottle

Although we supply drinking water on the Dragoman trucks, there may be times on your trip when you don’t have access to this and have to refill your bottle from another source. Water-to-Go’s filtration system eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants in non-salt water, including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals – making it an essential item in your everyday carry when you’re travelling off the beaten trail. We’ve teamed up with Water-to-Go to offer Dragoman customers a 25% discount on bottles and water filters – just enter the promo code DRAGOMAN25 at the checkout.

A Rough Guide to…

There’s a lot to process when visiting any new destination; with a good travel guide, a lot of the legwork has been done for you. All the information you need is collected in one place, including maps, history, suggested activities, advice on culture and local customs, and emergency contact details.

One of our favourite travel guide publishers is Rough Guides. They produce travel guides and phrasebooks for more than 120 destinations around the world, known for their wit and inquisitiveness as much as for their enthusiastic and critical approach.

Head torch / flashlight

Our tours often involve quite a bit of camping in wild places, so you need to have something to help you navigate in the dark. A flashlight comes in very handy, but a head torch is even better because it leaves your hands free to help pitch the tents! Remember to pack spare batteries and bulbs as well.

All customers booking a trip with us can claim a 15% discount with Cotswolds, the outdoor equipment and clothing specialists, on any purchase made in-store on online.

Travel journal

One thing’s for sure on any overlanding holiday – you’re going to make a lot of memories! It’s a great idea to take a notepad and something to write with so you can keep a log of your adventures. It doesn’t need to be a day-by-day record of what you’ve done - but try to capture the spirit of the trip, through snatches of conversation, descriptions of memorable moments, and illustrations of anything that catches your eye. Whatever you fill the pages with, a travel journal is an excellent keepsake to take away from any adventure.

First aid kit

Although your Dragoman tour crew are first-aid trained, it’s always good to have a small personal first aid kit for treating minor injuries like cuts and scratches – as well as any personal medications you may need.

We’ve been working with travel health specialists Nomad in the UK since 2000. Dragoman customers are entitled to a 20% discount in-store or online on all kit and equipment, and a 10% discount on all Nomad vaccinations at any Nomad Travel Clinic.


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