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Rio Carnival 2019 – Book your optional activities

Rio Carnival or 'Carnaval' is only 7 weeks away! The streets in Rio are buzzing with anticipation, and street parties or 'carnaval blocos' are starting to pop up all over the city. During Carnival, there are literally hundreds of blocos, day and night; bands playing Samba music, crowds of people dancing, and streets vendors selling snacks and the national drink, Caipirinhas.  Blocos are free to all and found in almost all the neighbourhoods of Rio. Most blocos have a theme and their own music - did you know there's a bloco dedicated to The Beatles?!

We have a number of optional activities available for you to book if you’re travelling with us to this year’s Carnival. We’ve highlighted a few favourites below, or you can take a look at the full timetable of Carnival activities here. Optional extras must be booked in advance of your trip – they will not be available for sale in Rio during the Carnival.

Rio Carnival: Join the Parade

This year we are excited to be parading with the Samba school Vila Isabel, the second school to parade on Monday night.  We will be part of Ala no. 24; a picture of our costumes can be seen below. Originally formed from a football team from the northern Rio neighbourhood of Vila Isabel, they are particularly proud of their strong sense of community. They are ranked among the top Samba schools in Rio.

If you want to ‘Join the Parade’, you’ll need to book quickly – we only have so many Carnival costumes so spaces are limited!

Learn to Samba from a professional dance instructor

What better way to kick off your Carnival week than with a night of Samba with a professional dance instructor? We’ll take a one-hour Samba class in a studio, and once we’ve got the basic steps down we’ll head out for an unforgettable evening in a traditional Samba club in one of Rio’s top nightspots to demonstrate our moves…

Learn to cook up some famous Brazilian cuisine

Learn a selection of Brazil’s favourite recipes in one fun cooking class. You’ll discover exotic ingredients, techniques and flavours you can use at home. For this class we hope to be learning to make a Seafood (or Vegetarian) Moqueca, Banana toasted farofa, flambéed sausage, grilled white cheese, with pepper jam, Lime and Passionfruit Caipis and Batida de Coca.

Enjoy the best view in the house at the Sambadrome

Head to the Sambadrome and enjoy the best view in the house. Sector 5 is nearer the start of the parade, close to the judges, and right in the middle of the action. The beginning moments of the parade are usually the most exciting, as a whole year has passed since the school’s last performance.

If you’ve booked your trip directly through Dragoman, contact our sales team on info@dragoman.co.uk or +44 (0)1728 861133 to discuss your optional extras. Activity bookings must be made before your trip – they will not be available for sale in Rio during the Carnival.