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Xi'an - Kathmandu

31 days through China, Nepal
FROM: $2850 USD + 1,130 USD Kitty
Overland Expedition Vehicle
Two Dragoman Crew Members, Local Guides where necessary, Local Crew Member in certain areas
Comfortable Hotel 4 nights
Basic Hotel 15 nights
Guesthouse 6 nights
Multishare Hostel 1 night
Camping without facilities 3 nights
Breakfasts x 14, Lunches x 4, Dinners x 4
$260 USD per person
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This is a journey across the roof of the world, the Tibetan Plateau and down its southern slopes and into Nepal and Kathmandu. It is a journey through some of the remotest and most spectacular scenery on earth and through an ancient culture that is still as powerful today as it was a thousand years ago. We start in the heart of China, Xi'an and the home of the Terracotta Army and spend the first week doing all things Chinese, before climbing slowly into the wilderness of the Tibetan Plateau. We pass over immense passes, past beautiful lakes and arrive at the holy city of Lhasa. South of Lhasa we climb high up the Friendship Highway to the wonderful towns of Gyantse and Shigatse to soak up yet more Tibetan culture. Then it's on to the highlight of the expedition, a visit and a hike to the Ronkbuk monasteries, which nestle under the towering face of Mt. Everest. We are now travelling through the most sensational landscapes, climbing over passes over 5000 metres high, before descending through gorges and passes to the foothills of the Himalayas and the lands of Nepal.

Exploring the Sagke or Ganjia Grasslands of the lower Tibetan Plateau
Staying in the Forbidden City of Lhasa
Everest Base Camp from the Tibetan Side
Wild Camping on the Tibetan Plateau
Driving over high mountain passes through the Himalayas
Rural Traditional manor house stay in the stunning village of Nuwakot
Explore Kathmandu and its stunning temples and sites

This is a tough trip in more ways than one. We will be travelling to high altitude and potentially camping in extreme conditions. Hotels can be basic and you should be prepared to be outside your comfort zone. On the other hand, we will stay in some comfortable places to recover and the pace of the journey is fairly easy.

Day 1 - Xi'an (25th July 2020)
Border Information:

if joining the trip in Xi'an, you will most likely enter China at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (IATA code: XIY).

Please note that our trips between Kathmandu and Xi'an travel through extreme environments and these itineraries WILL NOT NECESSARILY RUN AS PUBLISHED. We will adjust trip itineraries depending on weather, altitude effects, group make up and road conditions. This day by day itinerary is provided as a rough guide only.

There will be a group meeting at 10:00am in our hotel in Xi'an - please look for a note from your tour leader when you arrive at the hotel giving more details about this important meeting.

In the afternoon there will be an included visit to the awe-inspiring world-famous Terracotta Warriors.

Please note that many of the options listed below will only be possible for those with extra time in Xi'an before the start of your trip with us - please contact the Sales team if you would like to book pre-tour accommodation with us to have extra time exploring Xi'an.

Accommodation: Comfortable Hotel

Day 2 - Pingliang (26th July 2020)
Day 3 - Pingliang (27th July 2020)
Day 4 - Lanzhou (28th July 2020)
Day 5 - Xiahe (29th July 2020)
Day 6 - Xiahe (30th July 2020)
Day 7 - Xiahe (31st July 2020)
Day 8 - Liujiaxia (1st August 2020)
Day 9 - Qinghai Hu (2nd August 2020)
Day 10 - Qinghai Hu (3rd August 2020)
Day 11 - Golmud (4th August 2020)
Day 12 - Amdo (5th August 2020)
Day 13 - Amdo (6th August 2020)
Day 14 - Amdo (7th August 2020)
Day 15 - Lhasa (8th August 2020)
Day 16 - Lhasa (9th August 2020)
Day 17 - Lhasa (10th August 2020)
Day 18 - Lhasa (11th August 2020)
Day 19 - Gyantse (12th August 2020)
Day 20 - Shigatse (13th August 2020)
Day 21 - New Tingri (14th August 2020)
Day 22 - Rongbuk (15th August 2020)
Day 23 - New Tingri (16th August 2020)
Day 24 - Friendship Highway (17th August 2020)
Day 25 - Nuwakot (18th August 2020)
Day 26 - Nuwakot (19th August 2020)
Day 27 - Pokhara (20th August 2020)
Day 28 - Pokhara (21st August 2020)
Day 29 - Khatauti Khola (22nd August 2020)
Day 30 - Kathmandu (23rd August 2020)
Day 31 - Kathmandu - End Date (24th August 2020)

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25 Jul 20 Xi'an
24 Aug 20 Kathmandu

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24 Jul 21 Xi'an
23 Aug 21 Kathmandu

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