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Everything you need to know about dragoman's overland adventures

frequently asked questions 

If you've never experienced an overland tour before, or even if you have and it has whet your appetite for more, you may have a few questions.

From what's it like travelling on our trucks, to food, accommodation and what's included, we have more than 20 video snippets answering many of these frequently asked questions (yes, they really are asked).

Watch the video below and if your question isn't answered - just give us a call!


Dragoman has the experience of running pioneering overland tours across the world since 1981, and remains the world’s best operator at this exciting style of travel. We always get to the major highlights of a region and also genuinely get you off the beaten track and into the local communities. Our trips have been carefully designed to offer freedom, flexibility and time to explore. Dragoman is independently owned by the original founders of the company - we also have some of the best staff in the industry, from our expert sales and operations teams to our extensively-trained crew.

Read more at the Why Choose Dragoman page.


If you've never been camping before, then coming on a Dragoman overlanding trip is a great introduction! All of our trucks are fully equipped with sturdy tents and a full compliment of cooking and camping equipment. Your leaders will give you a full briefing about setting up on the first camping night, so it couldn’t be easier.

On some of our overland trips you'll be camping most nights (particularly in East and Southern Africa), while on others you’ll be staying in local guesthouses, hostels and hotels for the majority of the time. Check out the accommodation icons for the trip you're interested in to see how many nights you'll spend under canvas.


The majority of people will be more than suited to our overlanding trips. The most important thing is coming out with the right attitude, an open mind, and a desire to participate fully in the trip. There a many factors to take into account when assessing your suitability, such as weather conditions, activities and excursions, altitude, and local diet.

Whilst we don’t want to put anyone off experiencing one of our overland adventures, we ask that you carefully read through the notes for the trip you have selected and realistically self-assess your ability to complete the itinerary as described. Each of our trips has a physical rating which describes what you can expect, which can help you make your choice. 

You can check out some more detailed notes on trip suitability here. Or if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

All travellers are required to carry their own bag and lift it into storage areas or into hotels, and to be able to manage the 2-foot-high step on and off our overland trucks.

It is extremely rare for us to have to refuse anyone a space on one our trips for medical reasons. However, for the benefit of yourself and your fellow travellers, it is vital that you inform us about any pre-existing medical conditions that you have and any medication that you’re currently taking so in the unlikely event of a medical emergency we’ll be able to provide you with as much assistance as possible. Please also remember to declare any pre-existing medical issues to your travel insurance company when you purchase the policy, as failure to do so may invalidate your insurance and any associated claim.

And remember, a positive attitude and an open mind are just as important as your physical ability! All our trips require some level of active participation from all group members, and overlanding really does exemplify the phrase ‘you get out what you put in'.



You’ll get a place on one of our fantastic overlanding journeys, and have the experience of a lifetime! The total price includes all the accommodation, transport, use of the truck and its camping equipment, library, etc., camping meals, and all activities listed included.

Prices in the brochure are correct at the time of printing, but may vary during the year. Up-to-date prices can be found on the website. All prices are listed on a per person basis, based on shared accommodation where applicable.

Most of our trips will involve two payments: 
1. The Trip Price, which is payable to Dragoman or your travel agent before departure.
2. The Kitty Payment, which is payable to your tour leader in cash when you join your trip, or in advance via bank transfer.

The Trip Price covers the cost of all our operations, including the running of our trucks, the office, and our staff, as well as the provision of local guides throughout the world where needed, and local transport if for some reason we can’t use our trucks.

The kitty is a group fund, paid separately from the trip price, which covers everything that the group does together on the ground. This is primarily hotel accommodation and campsite fees, meals whilst camping (but not while eating in restaurants), and included activities. The kitty system is unique to overlanding and provides maximum flexibility and best value on the road - you can see exactly what is being paid for, you get everything at cost price, it keeps costs competitive by leveraging group expenses and saves on administrative costs. The fund is run by the Dragoman crew, and any excess left over at the end is returned equally to the group. Kitty prices are estimated in USD when we print the brochure then reviewed monthly as local costs and exchange rates vary throughout the year. It's therefore important once you book your trip to check the website regularly and just before departure for any changes to the amount.

Your kitty can be paid to your tour leader in a mixture of US Dollars cash and local currency, or via a bank transfer to Dragoman 3-4 weeks before the trip (please see this document for more details).

What isn’t included?

Our trip price and kitty do not include optional activities, travel insurance, connecting flights, airport transfers, border taxes or charges, transportation while not on the trip or while freely exploring a city, passports, visas, vaccinations, first aid kits or medicines, extra accommodation, upgrades, contingency route expenses in case of emergency or natural disaster, meals at restaurants or cafes or whilst staying in hotels, drinks, tips, or personal spending money.

How much will I spend?

How much you’ll spend is up to you! This really depends on how many extra activities you want to do. Please remember that hotel food, drinks, laundry, souvenirs, taxis and restaurants are part of your personal spending. You may also want to include some money for tips for your local guides and Dragoman crew. Good local guides and overland crew can transform your trip experience from just good to exceptional, and where this is the case a tip (even a modest one!) is always hugely appreciated. However, with so much already included in our carefully crafted itineraries, many customers find they spend a very minimal amount of additional money.

How do I get money whilst on the trip?

Most travellers choose to bring a cash passport (www.cashpassport.com). This is very secure, and works just like a VISA card to allow you to draw out local currency from ATMs within each country you travel. Others simply bring their regular VISA credit or debit cards to withdraw cash – if you plan to do this, it is best to inform your bank where you are travelling so that they do not security-block your card. There are usually plenty of ATMs to withdraw money from throughout the world, with the exception of West Africa, Mongolia, and Ethiopia. Most cards are not currently compatible with ATMs in Sudan or Iran.

It is also a good idea to bring a reserve fund in US Dollars cash, as this is easily changed into local currency throughout the world. In emergencies, it is possible to send money to yourself via a money transfer service such as Western Union or Moneygram.

Please note that we do not advise bringing Travellers Cheques, and we do not accept them for the kitty on our trips, because our passengers and leaders have found it increasingly difficult to find banks which change them.


We give a good indication in our trip notes of what optional activities may be available in each place. These are regularly updated with the latest prices that are reported back to the office from our on-road crew, although prices are always subject to change. Your Dragoman crew will be able to give more information about any activity listed in the notes, and there are also good suggestions in the guidebooks for that region and online. All activities can be arranged whilst you are on your trip, and our crew may be able to assist you in arranging these. All payments for these activities are made whilst you are overseas, usually directly with the activity supplier.

How do arrange my flights?

Flights are not included in our trip prices (with the exception of flights that necessarily make up part of the trip, such as to Roatan in Honduras or the linking flight between Panama and Cartagena). However, our sales team can help you with booking your flights and can search for the most competitive fares that fit around your travel plans, no matter where you are in the world!

By booking your flight with Dragoman you will have support in the case of any problems (such as volcanic eruptions, strikes, etc!), and there is also the added protection of our ATOL bonding.

If you choose to book your flights independently, please bear in mind that by its very nature adventure travel on occasions needs to be flexible. Should we have to change the itinerary or cancel a trip you may need to amend or cancel your flights, therefore we strongly recommend that you check the charges for making amendments to your flights. We regret that we cannot accept liability for your connecting travel arrangements in the event of changes or cancellation to our trip.


At Dragoman you can find fellow passengers from all backgrounds, nationalities, and of all ages. A good way to see who else is on your trip is to join our community at our website Dragoland. If you call our sales team we can tell you the mix of sexes and ages currently booked on any trips you are interested in.


We prefer to run trips with full trucks as this helps us be kind to the environment and is more efficient operationally. We generally look to depart with a minimum of 5 passengers.. Once we have reached this number we would generally ‘guarantee’ the trip, so that you can be certain that it will run.

If you are booked on a trip that needs to be cancelled for any reason, our reservations team will get in touch with you and try to find an alternative date/trip that suits you.


We have a community area called Dragoland where you can ask questions about trips, talk with potential passengers on your next Dragoman trip, or just share travel stories and information with other like-minded travellers! You can also see our Facebook page to see what others are saying or post your own questions.


The UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides invaluable travel advice. As a UK operator, Dragoman monitors and follows the advice from the FCO in all the regions we travel through. We also monitor advice of other governments’ travel advice and news from various travel security organisations. Our crew also constantly monitor and report any news from local sources on the road regarding any safety issues, and liaise with our operations team at the office if there any issues. Any decisions taken regarding a trip’s safety and security will use the vast experience of the company’s 30+ years of operations, in conjunction with the advice and information sources above.

We strongly recommend that you read the UK FCO information about the countries you are planning to visit – each country has a summary and general information as well as advice on safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements and health.

If you are not a UK national please make sure you have checked your own country’s travel advice for your destinations.


Recommended vaccinations and other health protection measures vary according to region and recent bulletins issued by health authorities. It’s essential to get the latest advice on the regions you’re planning to travel to, and that you check with either your doctor or a travel clinic in good time before you leave.

As a tour operator we’re unable to give medical advice, so refer you instead to either the World Health Organisation or National Travel Health Network & Centre for further details or to contact a professional medical travel clinic.

We’ve been working with Nomad Travel in the UK for years, and Dragoman customers are entitled to 10% off all Nomad vaccinations at any Nomad Travel Clinic as well as 20% off kit and equipment purchased at Nomad online or in-store. Their website also has comprehensive, up-to-date vaccination and health information.

Please see here for more information.


All of our trucks are equipped with an emergency first aid kit, which is stocked with many items that may be needed in a medical emergency on the road. Our crew have all completed a first aid course and will be able to help when necessary. We recommend that you bring your own personal first aid kit, especially if you expect to use any items in a non-emergency situation, and if you do need to use something from the group first aid kit, we do ask for it to be replaced. As a reminder, you should also bring any personal medication and medicines that you require for the whole duration of the trip.

Local health facilities vary greatly in their frequency and quality depending on the region you are travelling in, but if there is a medical emergency during your trip the crew will make it a priority for the affected person to be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible (this is one of the reasons we always have 2 crew on board our trucks). In this situation, the crew can also liaise with the operations team at the Dragoman head office and the affected person’s insurance company to find the best solution for the situation.


Many countries we visit on our travels will require visas, some must be obtained before you leave home, and some can be obtained en route. Whilst the ultimate responsibility for obtaining visas is yours, we will endeavour to assist you wherever possible. For trips that involve multiple visas, you may find it beneficial to use a specialist visa agency to assist you with your applications. While this does sometimes increase the cost, it usually makes the process much easier for you.

The exact requirements for each country are detailed on our regularly-updated notes for every trip that we offer. Please consult these notes for details about the visas needed for your trip, and contact us if you have any questions regarding visas.

Please see here for further information.


It is a condition of booking that you have comprehensive medical travel insurance. Without evidence of valid travel insurance, you will not be allowed to start the trip.

We can arrange insurance for EU residents created specifically for our type of adventure travel - please contact us or visit our insurance page here for a quote! If you are not an EU resident, you will need to arrange your own insurance with other providers.

Whatever policy you choose, you must ensure that it is designed for adventure/overland travel, and that the 24-hour emergency assistance company is experienced in handling situations in developing countries (e.g. they have the ability to arrange repatriation from remote areas such as the Sahara or if you were trekking in the Andes).

Please see here for more information.


Yes, our trips are designed to give you the best of both worlds – with plenty of organised activities to do as a group and free time for people to explore places or to do their own optional activities! At times our trips can be intense, action-packed adventures, so we feel it is important to balance this with free time to wander the streets of a city, enjoy time at stunning remote beaches, take in the beautiful landscapes, etc., and this ethos is reflected in the design of our itineraries.


Although you will not have to carry your main bag for long distances, you will need to help load and unload your luggage onto the truck. For this reason we recommend that you use a backpack or soft bag rather than a heavy suitcase. During your trip your main luggage will be kept in the back locker, which is inaccessible when the truck is in motion, so you will also need a small daypack which can be used to carry your camera, water bottle and other personal effects for daily use.

The size of baggage that can be brought on this tour is limited by the locker space on the truck. We recommend that your bag be approximately 66cm deep, 30cm wide, and 30cm high. The weight limit for luggage on all trucks is maximum 20kg.  Backpacks should not have an external frame unless it can be easily removed and stored separately to avoid damaging other people's luggage.


Please see here for our general guide on packing, and here for a comprehensive kit list put together by our partners Nomad Travel.


You will need to inform us of your dietary requirements and any allergies when you book (please add this in the medical conditions box on the booking page). There will generally always be a vegetarian option available in local restaurants and when we have meals from the truck on the road or at campsites. Although most areas can cater for any dietary requirements, some are more challenging than others (e.g. travelling to West Africa if you have a severe peanut allergy, vegan options in Mongolia, etc.). Please contact us and/or research yourself whether your specific dietary requirements can be catered for in that region.

Your group will be divided into smaller cook groups who will cook for everyone on a rota basis, catering for all dietary requirements. If you are vegetarian and do not wish to handle meat, you will need to be in a group where there are others that are happy to do this. In East and Southern Africa there is a camp master in charge of the cooking, and the group will help with preparation and shopping, etc.

If you have a specific allergy or intolerance and are concerned that suitable foodstuffs may not be available en-route, please bring these along with you.


The charging facilities on our trucks vary - some will have charging facilities for the group to use, although this is not fitted as standard. In the worst case scenario, all of our trucks have a 12v ‘cigarette lighter’ socket which will be available to use if you bring the necessary adapter. Please be aware that this will need to be used by all of the group, so many of our passengers find ‘solar monkey’-type chargers helpful. 

There will almost always be charging facilities at most campsites and hotels, but not at wild camps.


Dragoman trips are run on a shared accommodation basis, so from the first night at your joining hotel to the nights camping you will be sharing with another traveller. We will obviously pair up people that are travelling together, and if you are a single traveller you will be paired with a person of the same sex. The rooming arrangements will remain flexible as the trip goes on, and the pairings can be changed around if necessary.

In some locations, we will stay in multi-share dorm accommodation - this could involve sharing with 4-6 other travellers, including independent travellers on occasion.

We do not offer a single supplement during the booking stage, as this will be unavailable for camping with a full truck, and difficult to confirm in many hotels. However, if you would like to ‘upgrade’ to having your own room whilst on the road then this is possible if you pay the difference yourself, subject to availability. Your tour leader will assist with this as they make ongoing bookings on the road.

Can I pre-book upgraded accommodation?

On many of our trips it may be possible to upgrade from camping to a bed or from guesthouse to a hotel but this cannot be guaranteed before travel. Upgrades can only be booked on the road by crew and are subject to availability.

How comfortable will the trip be?

Depending on the area and the style of trip you are on, it will be ‘rougher’ on trips with a lot of camping and bush camps (such as some Africa trips), but more comfortable on trips where there are more hotels used on trip (such as some South American trips). The trip overview page and your trip notes give you a breakdown of the amount of camping and hotel stays there are on each trip and the ‘Physical Rating’ gives you an idea of how tough a trip will be physically. Your trip notes have details of the accommodation used day-by-day on your trip and give an indication of the standard of the hotels. Upgrades are possible but can only be booked on the road and are subject to availability.

Why are there other similar trips that cost less or are shorter in time?

Dragoman have unrivalled experience in designing and creating trips that allow you to get the most out of your adventure. We include more, see more, and interact more than any other operator. Many similar looking trips reduce cost and time by rushing or excluding many of the key highlights that we consider essential. When you carefully compare what we offer and include against trips from other operators, it's easy to see the great value for money that a Dragoman overland trip is.

Finally, no other company or operator covers the world with as much variety and depth as we do.


Sorry, but to travel on your own you have to be 18 years old on the day you start to travel with us. However, youngsters can join one of our family trips in Africa when travelling with a parent or guardian.

What if overlanding is not for me?

As much as we love overlanding and are sure you will too, we do know that it's not for everyone. Our sister company Imaginative Traveller has hundreds of adventure trips all over the world. From walking tours in Italy to cycling in Cuba, there really is something for everyone.

If you are looking for a customised bespoke itinerary that you can design youself, then our tailor-made division at Imaginative Traveller can you help you put together the perfect trip.