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Our overland Trucks

Dragoman's fleet is truly unique. We use Mercedes-Benz trucks (known for their durability) and specially build and modify them at our Suffolk workshop into our carefully-designed overland vehicles. Features such as our integrated cabs and our roof-seats are unique to Dragoman trucks, and our customers regularly say that they make our trucks the best on the road. With their distinctive orange and white livery and personalised names, our trucks have become icons in their own right.


See how we hand craft our iconic orange and white trucks in our workshop!


These rugged and sturdy trucks will get you off the beaten track, are custom-built for overland travel, are fully equipped for self-sufficient wild camping, and have comfortable coach-style seating. All Dragoman trucks are owned and maintained by us, and our crew have mechanical training and follow a strict maintenance schedule - this means we can guarantee the quality and safety of our fleet. We currently have 26 overland trucks (and 1 overland bus) on the road worldwide, and the fleet is growing all the time!

All of our trucks are affectionately named and have their own individual personality. Many of our passengers remember the name of their truck many years after their trip!

We are always striving to improve our trucks and since 2012 have been undertaking an entire fleet upgrade. Each of our vehicles are unique and features will differ between each truck, but most of our trucks feature the following:

  • Roof seats for getting fantastic views when travelling on slow dirt roads
  • An integrated cab - so you are always with your crew rather than being separated
  • Coach style seating - forward-facing apart from four seats facing backwards around two tables
  • A side awning for sun/rain cover
  • Luggage locker
  • A drinking water tank of approximately 350 litre capacity, plus 60-80 litre jerry cans
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Audio equipment with MP3 player connection
  • 12v charging points (some models only)
  • A hidden safe to keep money and passports secure
  • An integrated fridge
  • Large equipment storage areas for food, cooking utensils, expedition equipment, etc.
  • Bookshelf/library
  • Map board

Standard equipment on each truck:

  • Dome-shaped or A-frame tents with integrated mosquito nets
  • Emergency medical kit
  • Camping stools and tables
  • Cooking equipment, gas, and eating utensils
  • Camping lights
  • Full range of mechanical tools and spares
  • Sand mats in case of bogging

Dragoman HQ

Take a look at Dragoman HQ, the office, workshop and beautiful surrounding Suffolk countryside.